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    Welcome and thank you for visiting the Growth Edge Network (GEN). 

    The network was founded  to bring together an International collective of people who have a deep interest in Adult Development, and who crave conversations with others who are like-minded; to think and learn together about how to best support our work in transformational change, in all kinds of organizations, all over the world. In January 2014 GEN achieved Charity status in New Zealand.

    Through the Growth Edge Network we will collectively build theory, collaborate on research and writing, create and share practices, perspectives, theories, and insights on Adult Development. GEN members will make a real difference in the world; working with clients, supporting and inspiring individuals and organizations to grow or transform.

    The Growth Edge Network is a collective of people bringing diverse opinions, practices, and perspectives to the network; thinking and learning together, supporting each of us on our own growing edges, and to learn more about how to be better company for the growth of our clients.

    The thinking behind GEN is that there are lots of us, all over the world, who are supporting people to grow or transform in some way. We’re using some adult development principles along with some other psychological or change principles; we’re putting together different pieces of different theories and different approaches from our different experiences. Some of us are researching and writing. Some of us are having insights with clients, during workshops, or as we sit on airplanes. Many of us are so busy doing the work and we wish we had more time to reflect on it. Many of us feel more alone in the enterprise than we’d like to, and crave conversations with others who are like-minded.

    We think there are enough of us out there, working away at our practice and deepening our understanding of the key theories that are most important to us, to make a real difference in the world. This group of us believes that difference would be increased—geometrically perhaps—if we spent more time together sharing our perspectives, theories, practices, and insights.

    Today we are over 180 people living in eight countries. We are diverse in many ways but grounded by our deep interest in adult development theories (any particular adult development theory is ok as long as we can spend our time putting things together rather than having a competition between them).

    Our activity includes gathering every 18 months for a mostly open-space conference. In March 2012 we came together in Sydney, Australia. We met face-to-face in 2013 at Harvard University in Cambridge MA. Wellington, New Zealand was the venue for our 2015 Gathering, and planning is underway for the 2016 Gathering on the west coast of the US.

    We also have monthly collective conference calls about our work. We build connections with colleagues, and ideas close to home and far away from our usual thinking and living spaces.

    This website hosts a global forum where members converse, question, learn, share, discuss, ponder and wonder. It is a welcoming and safe environment for personal growth and practice.

    We also share resources and information about events that may support members’ growth and practice, and keep in touch with regular newsletters and blogs.

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    GEN is about growing ideas, practices, and ways of being.

    New members are by invitation only, but any current member can invite you to join (you’ll receive an email message with a unique sign-up URL from them).

    If you don’t know anyone then please email us at [email protected] and we can begin a conversation about whether this might be a good community for you.